Kore's DataFlo Barcode and Label Printing
Design and Print Virtually Any Label Using Information from DataFlo

DataFlo - Barcode & Label Printing

Introducing the Kourier Quick Label solution, a powerful, easy, flexible, and affordable barcode and label printing solution for DataFlo. Now you can design and print virtually any label you can imagine using information in your DataFlo database.

Kourier Quick Label is integrated with the world famous BarTender label printing software from Seagull Scientific.

General Features

  • Design and Print Professional Labels For DataFlo
  • Template-based Label Format & Data Specification
  • Print Labels From any DataFlo File or Multiple Files
  • Print Alternate Label Formats Depending on Data
  • Includes Product Labeling Subsystem
  • Define Named Printing Stations (e.g., Ship Station #1)
    • Assigned by Computer Name or IP Address
    • Supports Multiple Devices and Intelligent Device Selection
  • Simple DataFlo API for Manual or Custom Label Printing
  • Seamless Integration to BarTender Enterprise Edition
    • Drag and Drop Data Linking to Label Data
    • Automatically Print Labels in Background using "Commander"
    • Automatically Determines Windows Output Device and Number of Copies
    • Logs Errors and Messages to Kourier Event Log

Label Design Features

  • Easy to Use Label Wizards
  • True WYSISYG Label Design
  • Combine Bar Codes, Multiple Fonts, and Graphics
  • Drag and Drop Bar Codes
  • Library of Ready to Use Labels
  • Library of Label Components
  • Industrial Symbol Libraries
  • Background Images
  • Numerous 1D and 2D Bar Code Symbologies
  • Customizable via VB Script
  • RFID Support
  • and more...

Product Labeling System Features

  • Define Label Style for Each Part Number (Single, Batch, Package, Serial, or Lot)
  • Automatically Print Specific Labels When a Specific DataFlo Stock Transaction Occurs
  • Manually Print or Reprint Product Labels at Any Time
  • Simple Integration to DataFlo, Requires Only One Line of Code

Zebra Printers

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  • DataFlo application is running Preview 3.0.x or higher on Windows or UNIX
  • UniData 3.3.2 or later
  • UniVerse 9.6.x or later
  • UNIX Implementations require UNIX-to-Windows connectivity software such as Samba, Microsoft Services for UNIX (SFU), or other network file sharing (NFS) software.

More Information

If you would like more information on how Kore can help you implement integrated barcode and product labeling solutions for DataFlo, contact us here. For more information on BarTender, go to the Seagull website.
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