Client Success Stories
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Client Success Stories

KommerceServer - eCommerce webStoreFront and Portal

Electrical Supplies Distributor

Womack Electric Supply Achieves Web Presence with Agility and Speed for Multiple Websites Integrated with Eclipse

Learn why Womack Electric Supply selected Kore Technologies as its eCommerce technology partner to help them create and implement their Tools Sales and Service website, which is fully integrated with its Epicor Eclipse ERP system. Discover how KommerceServer's eCommerce Suite provided the tools for eCommerce success, and how its product information management and content management systems enabled Womack to quickly launch and re-brand their website ahead of schedule to coincide with the opening of their brick-and-mortar tools store, thus expanding Womack's geographic presence and market reach.

Equipment & Supplies Distributor

GranQuartz Boosts Sales with Integrated eCommerce StoreFront for Prelude

Discover why one of the largest distributors of stone tools, equipment and supplies in the U.S. chose Kore Technologies to help them replace their existing website with KommerceServer webStoreFront, a modern B2B / B2C eCommerce solution which provided additional functionality, better security, higher scalability, and tight integration with their Epicor Prelude ERP application. Learn how GranQuartz grew their online sales 10 percent and increased their total visits 9.9 percent within 8 weeks of launching their new website. Powered by Microsoft SQL Server and .NET, KommerceServer webStoreFront is designed for integration with back office applications for a comprehensive eCommerce solution.
Kourier Integrator - Real-Time REST APIs, SQL Data Warehouse and Enterprise Integration

Industrial Ice Storage and Refrigerator Manufacturer

Follett Reduces Service Management Costs with Real-Time RESTful Integration to RMB Solutions

Follett is using the Avanté ERP system by Epicor Software running on Rocket Software’s UniData (MultiValue) database to run their business. The company was using non-integrated homegrown systems for call tracking and dispatching service agents, and manually entering RMAs and replacement orders. A single integrated system was needed to better understand their warranty costs from beginning to end. Read the case study to find out why Follett chose Kore and Kourier REST for outbound RESTful integration with the RMB Solutions service management product. Now warranty information is sent synchronously from Avanté to RMB with automatic cross-reference management, full transaction logging and exception handling. This process has already saved the company tens of thousands of dollars due to increased efficiencies associated with the integration and it's anticipated that savings will exceed six figures within the next year. 


Higher Education - Community College

Forsyth Technical Community College Achieves Smarter Data Integration with Colleague ERP system

Forsyth Technical Community College has relied on Colleague by Ellucian on Rocket Software’s UniData (MultiValue) platform as its central ERP system for years. The Colleague system is the backbone of the College, handling everything from an administrative perspective, including student information, registration, finance, and human resources (HR). Over time, Forsyth Tech needed to expand upon Colleague's capabilities and they created custom applications such as course substitution, employee evaluation and tutor requests. However, integrating data between Colleague and these applications proved to be challenging. Read the case study to find out why Forsyth Tech chose Kore Technologies as their integration partner. Learn how Forsyth Tech quickly replaced outdated flat-file data transfers with secure, real-time REST APIs to bridge the gap between their systems using Kourier Integrator and RESTful Web Services.

Higher Education - Private University

Campbell University Integrates Diverse Applications with Colleague ERP system

Campbell University chose Kore Technologies as their integration technology partner to help them integrate third-party applications with their Ellucian Colleague ERP using Kourier Integrator. Campbell University was able to quickly define integrations that share data between Colleague and other products such as: Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Transact, T2 Parking and Hobsons Starfish faster and easier than with their other tools. Read the case study to learn about the benefits of a campus-wide product and data integration strategy and how a multi-purpose integration and data warehouse solution like Kourier Integrator can help you get it done faster, using fewer resources and with a lower on-going cost of ownership.

Higher Education - Private University

Wittenberg University Saves Faculty Hundreds of Hours with SQL Integration for Ellucian Colleague

Wittenberg University selected Kore's Operational Data Store for Colleague to increase campus-wide data access and improve procedures for faculty and staff. Discover how Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator was used to integrate data in near real-time from the university's Ellucian Colleague ERP system (which runs on UniData) to a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse, enabling faster and easier data access. This data is now combined and shared with Microsoft SharePoint, Affinaquest Salesforce and its housing lottery system to provide immediate campus-wide availability.

Higher Education - Community College

West Valley-Mission Community College District Expedites UniData-to-SQL Data Warehouse for Ellucian Colleague

At the Mission College campus in Santa Clara, Calif., the IT team supports the technology infrastructure for not only that institution but also West Valley College in Saratoga, and they rely upon their Ellucian (formerly Datatel) Colleague system to help them. The data in the Colleague system, which runs on a UniData database, was scattered across hundreds of tables making it difficult for end users to access information. The goal was a Microsoft SQL Server consolidated data warehouse that end users could understand and easily navigate through the data. Read how West Valley was able to accomplish their goals and get their initial data warehouse up and running in just a few weeks using Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator.

Automotive Tire Manufacturer and Distributor

Hercules Tire Company Implements Real-time Integration for Seamless Point-of-Sale Transactions for Eclipse

Learn why one of the leading international manufacturers and distributors of automotive tires chose Kore Technologies as their technology partner to help them integrate their Eclipse ERP system to its customers' systems to streamline ordering. Discover how Hercules used Kourier Integrator and RESTful Web Services to connect its UniVerse MultiValue database with Ford's ATW (Around the Wheel) program to enable direct ordering by providing real-time inventory availability and delivery status. Read about the benefits of real-time integration and the return on investment from using Kourier Integrator for this project

Wholesale Electric Distributor

Rumsey Electric Implements UniVerse-to-SQL Data Warehouse for Eclipse

Rumsey is a wholesale electric distributor serving industrial, construction and utility customers in the Philadelphia tri-state area. Rumsey uses Epicor's Eclipse running on the UniVerse database for capturing and maintaining all aspects of customer accounts including: order entry, related sales details, and delivery information. Rumsey wanted access to the raw data to create its own custom reports. Read how Rumsey improved their business intelligence and sales reporting capabilities by creating a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse from their Eclipse system using Kourier Integrator with SQL Accelerator, and Kore's Operational Data Store (ODS) for Eclipse.

Health Care Products Distributor

National Distribution and Contracting Creates SQL Data Warehouse for Prelude system

National Distributing & Contracting (NDC), is the largest organization of independent medical, surgical and dental supply distributors in North America. NDC wanted the ability to more easily generate custom reports and be able to more efficiently analyze and share information stored in the Epicor Prelude UniData database. Read how NDC achieved a rapid return on their investment when building a corporate Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse from their UniData database using Kore's Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator products.

Dealership Management

FreedomRoads Deploys Corporate SQL Server Data Center for Astra IDS

FreedomRoads / Camping World is the nations largest RV dealer network for new and used RVs, and retailer of RV supplies, accessories, and services. They use Astra IDS (Integrated Dealer Systems) running on a UniVerse database to manage more than 100 retail stores across the county. However, it was a challenge to gather all of the information in a timely manner from each store for corporate reporting. Read how FreedomRoads used Kourier Integrator with SQL Accelerator and Net Change to consolidate data from all of their stores and integrate it with their corporate SQL Server data warehouse, thereby improving their ability to quickly produce reports with consolidated information for management and other stakeholders.
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