Kourier Integrator Enterprise Data Management Suite
Application Integration, Modernization and Data Warehousing Solution

Modernize and Extend the Value and Capabilities of Your Enterprise Application

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Kourier is a Multi-Purpose SolutionKourier Integrator is Kore's flagship Enterprise Integration and Data Management Suite, providing Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) capabilities. Kourier Integrator can help you modernize and extend the value and functionality of your enterprise application by enabling you to integrate and connect with SaaS solutions, best-in-class applications, websites and disparate databases.

Release 4.9.7 is now available. Contact Kore to see a demonstration or get more information. 

Multi-Purpose Integration and Data Management Solution

Kourier Integrator is a multi-source, multi-purpose enterprise integration and data management solution and will help you:
  • Modernize your MultiValue system by integrating with SaaS-based solutions, best-in-class third-party applications and websites in real-time using RESTful Web Services or using message-based data imports and exports.
  • Automate near real-time SQL Server data warehouse solutions using Kore's Net Change technology to combine data from MultiValue and non-MultiValue data sources into a consolidated database.
  • Manage, export and convert data in almost any format to assist with: implementing new applications, sharing data with partners, data migration and data archiving.
  • And much more...

Before you spend a fortune implementing a new enterprise application with the latest and greatest technology, let us show you how you can breathe new life into your current enterprise application for a fraction of the cost. Contact us to discuss cost-effective options that best-fit your budget and business needs.

Seamless Application and Database Integration

Many companies today are using SaaS solutions, best-in-class software applications and data warehouses to modernize their MultiValue application by improving specific areas of the business. Popular examples include: web-based eCommerce Storefronts and Customer Portals, Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) and Dashboards, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and Accounting systems.

With Kourier Integrator these applications can be seamlessly integrated and operate as though they were an integral part of your MultiValue application. This will ensure data consistency while eliminating costly and redundant data entry. Your enterprise will become more efficient and productive, saving you time and money.

Real-Time MultiValue Integration via REST

Modernize your MultiValue application through real-time integration with best-in-class applications such as CRM, eCommerce, mobile apps, warehouse management, marketing automation, service management, transportation logistics and custom websites. 


Kourier REST offers a comprehensive inbound and outbound real-time integration platform for MultiValue that enables you to integrate, share data and take advantage of the unique functionality offered by third-party products. With its clicks-not-code development environment and extensible architecture, developers will be more productive and can deliver higher quality integrations.


Enable other applications to talk with your MV application APIs (Inbound integration). Create and publish REST APIs for your MV application. Provide secure and rated access to data in your MV system.


Enable your MultiValue applications to talk with REST APIs from other applications (Outbound integration). Integrate with other applications and access data via their published REST APIs. Use application connectors and build application adaptors to send and receive data.

Automated Microsoft SQL Server Integration

Kourier SQL Accelerator (optional) provides seamless integration between UniData/UniVerse (U2), other external data sources and Microsoft's SQL Server database. Currently supported non-U2 data sources include: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft  Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Apache Derby, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Microsoft Excel and text files.

Ideal for application integration or building an enterprise data warehouse, SQL Accelerator is the key component for connecting multiple data sources with Microsoft SQL Server databases because it automatically generates the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages that enable the near real-time integration between disparate databases and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Pre-defined SQL Data Warehouse Solutions

Kourier Integrator was written specifically for the UniData/UniVerse (U2) extended relational databases (Rocket Software), and is designed to simplify MultiValue integration to SQL Server databases. Kourier is designed for compatibility with any U2 application (homegrown, bespoke and commercial) and it has been implemented with many of the leading commercial U2 applications.

Several pre-defined Operational Data Stores (ODS) are available for popular U2 applications such as: Ellucian Colleague, Epicor DataFlo, Epicor Eclipse and Epicor Prelude. Each ODS is fully customizable to meet your unique needs and provides a quick start implementation using key data files from the application. The result is a normalized SQL Server database that you can use as the basis for developing custom reports or as the foundation for a more complete business intelligence and executive dashboard solution.

Rapid Return on Investment - Guaranteed Implementation

Kourier Integrator solutions have a rapid and guaranteed implementation. Using our data warehouse Quick Start Workbench (or pre-configured Operational Data Stores) you can have a data warehouse or other integration project up and running in as little as one week!

The solution pricing includes all the software and services needed for a complete solution, and we'll even help you with your first project. Note that Kourier Integrator solutions are typically installed on your servers (application, web and database) and must meet certain minimum requirements. Call Kore for details.
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