UNIX Services and Hardware Upgrades
Certified experts to support, maintain and upgrade your system
The UNIX operating system can be more challenging to administer and requires a different skill set compared to the Microsoft operating systems. If you need help with UNIX, call Kore. We are very proficient with the UNIX operating system (especially HP-UX and IBM AIX), and we are HP Certified.
UNIX Upgrades - Kore specializes in supporting older UNIX systems. Did you know that if you are not using the latest HP-UX 11.x then your O/S may not be supported by HP? Why risk any downtime or tech support headaches. Call Kore and we can upgrade your system to the latest (or a newer) O/S quickly and easily with these additional benefits:
  • Maximum computing power with a full 64-bit operating system
  • Kernel level threads for maximum efficiency of multi-threaded applications
  • Check the HP-UX Software and Update Information page for the latest releases and features
Hardware Upgrades - Has your UNIX system lost its zip? Running out of disk space? Perhaps it's time to upgrade your hardware with newer technology. You can upgrade your system with a gently used system that is still under manufacturer's warranty for about 50% less than a new system. Are you still backing up to tape? Maybe it’s time you start backing up to the cloud. Let Kore show you how, call us more information and a free quote.
Kore offers other services for your UNIX system too. We can perform most services remotely or on-site if you prefer.

UNIX Services

  • UNIX Operating System Upgrades
  • UniData/UniVerse Upgrades
  • Hardware Upgrades & Data Migration
  • System Selection, Installation, and Configuration
  • System Administration Training
  • Performance Analysis & Tuning
  • Planning & Recovery
The list is not exhaustive so contact us with any requests or questions you may have. Ask about our free consultation!
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