Kourier Inbound RESTful Integration
Modernize Your MultiValue Application with REST APIs

Inbound RESTful Integration

REST as a Server Overview

Kourier REST can help you modernize your MultiValue (MV) application by providing third-party solutions, mobile apps and websites with REST APIs to communicate with your MV applications in real-time. We call this inbound integration approach REST as a Server. 


Kourier RESTful Web Services and the Kourier REST Gateway are Kore’s easy-to-use and versatile real-time integration solutions for MV systems based on the "clicks not code" approach. Kourier REST streamlines and simplifies the process of building and testing bi-directional integrations using RESTful Web Services. The REST Gateway provides secure, scalable real-time access to MV applications via REST APIs from inside or outside the corporate firewall.

Kourier RESTful Web Services: Real-time Integration Simplified

Kourier REST allows you to create bi-directional (read/write) application programming interfaces (APIs) to your MultiValue application data using REST-based principles that provide full integration with external applications via real-time query and updates. Kourier’s REST development framework is designed to simplify, streamline and accelerate the process of building secure, real-time REST APIs, enabling developers to be more productive.

Kourier's RESTful interface supports the use of "resources", automatic data validation, dynamic named query parameters and more. Quickly create, test, document and deploy secure RESTful Web Service APIs using standard HTTP methods with much less effort than typically required when developing Web Services.


API developers are more productive creating APIs within Kourier’s REST framework because they can focus on the application interface instead of low-level protocol details such as data validation, resource security and transaction logging. REST APIs are created primarily using configuration pages and "clicks not code." For more advanced requirements, developers can use powerful Event Handlers to leverage existing application business logic or add special instructions within REST resources at specific timing intervals.

API consumers are also more productive using Kourier REST APIs because they are more developer-friendly and easy to use. Developers can quickly build APIs by converting Swagger definitions into code for over 40 programming languages. Plus, REST features such as API Subscriptions (aka Webhooks), pagination, field limiting, dynamic sorting and query wildcards can be utilized with no additional programming effort, reducing the time and cost required for application integration.


Kourier REST Gateway: Secure. Rated. Measured.

The Kourier REST Gateway is an important component of the real-time integration architecture. It’s responsible for providing secure access to MultiValue applications from inside or outside the corporate firewall via published Kourier REST Resources while it monitors, manages and measures REST Resource usage.

Gateway administrators can define policies that limit (rate) the maximum number of requests per minute/hour/day for each user, so organizations can feel confident about exposing their system to the outside world without worrying about API users consuming all of their resources.

Kourier REST Gateway Key Features:

  • Create policies to manage resource access
    • Define the maximum number of requests per hour, minute and day
    • Define the availability for each resource (CRUD)
  • Define users and server/database security
    • Associate policies and databases
    • Routes requests to appropriate server/database
  • Interactive dashboards provide performance visualization
    • Graph transaction history
    • View REST resource statistics
    • Drill down into request headers, parameters and timers
  • Connection pooling is supported for enhanced performance

Rapid Return on Investment - Guaranteed Implementation

Kourier REST solutions have a guaranteed implementation. The solution pricing includes all the software and services needed for a complete solution, and we'll even help you with your first project. Note that Kourier solutions are installed on your U2 application server and Web server and must meet certain minimum requirements. Call Kore for details.
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