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Looking to the Future of MultiValue Systems

March 4th, 2020 | In the News: Company, DBTA, MultiValue, RESTful Web Services, Integration, eCommerce

Kore and Other Vendors Share Their Thoughts in DBTA's Special Annual Report


With a new year and a new decade just beginning, MultiValue leaders are anticipating new opportunities for this well-established technology. There are many issues to consider, including what customers are currently looking for in their MV solutions, whether MV is ready for AI, and the impact of cloud, security, and privacy concerns.


In this annual MultiValue Special Report, DBTA asks MV executives this two pronged question: As we enter 2020, what will spark the next set of trends in the MultiValue space for the decade ahead, and is your MV platform ready to address new demands?


Kore's Keith Lambert (vice-president, marketing and business development) participated and shared his thoughts on what's in store for MultiValue systems and how they can stay relevant in the future. Applications built upon MultiValue technology will not be going away in the next decade; there’s just too much value in the embedded business rules and processes they manage. Instead, the adoption of new technology will increase while retaining what makes MultiValue databases and applications so good: speed of development plus the agility to quickly adapt to changes in business. You can read his full article here. Enjoy!  

We’ll see more integration to third-party products that extend and modernize MV apps, primarily through real-time inbound and outbound RESTful integration."
- Keith Lambert, Kore Technologies