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Follett Reduces Service Management Costs with Real-Time Integration

December 3rd, 2019 | Case Studies: Epicor Avanté, Kourier REST, Real-time Integration, EAI

Kore’s Kourier REST Simplifies Integration between Avanté and RMB Solutions


Follett is using the Avanté ERP system by Epicor Software running on Rocket Software’s UniData (MultiValue) database to run their business. The company was using non-integrated homegrown systems for call tracking and dispatching service agents, and manually entering RMAs and replacement orders. A single integrated system was needed to better understand their warranty costs from beginning to end.  


Read the case study to find out why Follett chose Kore and Kourier REST for outbound RESTful integration with the RMB Solutions service management product. Now warranty information is sent synchronously from Avanté to RMB with automatic cross-reference management, full transaction logging and exception handling.


This process has already saved the company tens of thousands of dollars due to increased efficiencies associated with the integration and it's anticipated that savings will exceed six figures within the next year.


Within the first 4 months, the company has seen a savings of $45,000-$50,000..."
- Steve Lesko, Follett