DataFlo Services Overview
Products and Services to Enhance Your DataFlo System

DataFlo Services Overview

We are the DataFlo Experts!  No other company even comes close.

The Kore Team has over 240 years of combined experience with DataFlo and the Preview 4GL. In fact, several of Kore Technologies' personnel were key resources within DataWorks (now Epicor Software). These people were senior members on the design and development teams responsible for creating and maintaining the DataFlo ERP application, Preview 4GL, and the programming standards & conventions in use today.

DataFlo Services

With in-depth knowledge of every integrated module within the DataFlo system, no other company can provide better service or support for the DataFlo community than Kore. We are dedicated to keeping the DataFlo customer base happy and extending the life of this mature and robust ERP application. In fact, our Kourier Integrator Classic product and the rest of our DataFlo products are designed exactly for this purpose.

Here's just a sampling of the services we have provided to many satisfied DataFlo clients:
  • Data warehousing, business intelligence reports & dashboards
  • Training and consultation for any DataFlo module and Preview 4GL
  • Install and upgrade new DataFlo releases
  • Professional services to help with any DataFlo project
  • Customize any DataFlo module to your exact specifications
  • Create new DataFlo integrated or stand-alone modules
With today's remote desktop and connection technology Kore can perform most services remotely from our offices, saving you time and money. If you prefer, we are also available to work on-site at your location.

We offer very flexible service programs that can be tailored to match the number of hours you need. No project is too big or too small. Our rates are very competitive and we offer substantial discounts for our clients with large projects. Please contact us for details.

More Information

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