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Why Kore Technologies?

Kore's Experience with DataFlo is Unrivaled in the Industry.

In fact, each member of the DataFlo Service Team has no less than 20 years of DataFlo experience. That's over 300 years of combined experience with DataFlo and the Preview 4GL. No other company even comes close to this!

We can customize DataFlo to meet your exact needs, create new modules, or integrate to other applications. Additionally, we have developed an extensive suite of DataFlo products, integrated Web solutions, custom solutions and utilities. Furthermore, Kore provides a complete array of services to assist you with anything related to DataFlo. See the summary information below and click on the individual links for more information.

DataFlo Products

Our enterprise integration and business automation product line is just what your DataFlo system needs to increase its functionality and extend its life. These products are developed primarily using the Preview 4GL for optimum integration with your DataFlo application.
  • Kourier Integrator Classic - B2B connectivity and best-in-class integration tool suite for connecting DataFlo with other applications and databases. Provides inbound and outbound integration to and from DataFlo supporting all business rules.
  • SQL Accelerator - Use with Kourier Integrator for seamless integration between DataFlo's MultiValue database (and other data sources) and MS SQL Server databases using system generated, maintenance-free SSIS packages. Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017 (2019 coming soon).
  • DataFlo Operational Data Store - Your fast track to a SQL Server ODS with a turnkey solution that contains pre-defined data exports for over 48 DataFlo files.
  • Forms Manager - Create and print professional laser business forms and documents directly from DataFlo, replacing expensive pre-printed forms.
  • Publisher - Email, fax, and archive business forms, documents, and even DataFlo reports in PDF format using simple publish and subscribe rules.
  • Freight Control - Integrated freight management system calculates freight, insurance, prints barcode labels, and manage outbound shipment tracking.
  • Package Contents Tracking - Optional Freight Control module simplifies shipping with integrated package contents scanning and sending of package-level detail Advance Ship Notices.

Web Solutions Integrated to DataFlo

Our eCommerce Web solutions enable you to reach the global market with your products and services. Each of our Microsoft .NET integrated Web solutions is tightly integrated with DataFlo using our Kourier Integrator technology, which enables both inbound and outbound transactions.
  • webPortal - Enterprise information portal provides customers self-service access to their information 24/7.
  • webStoreFront - Flexible, feature-rich, and cost-effective eCommerce storefront software and product catalog. Excellent for both B2B and B2C applications.
  • Mobile Ready - KommerceServer webStoreFront and webPortal use a responsive design so they automatically format to the smaller screens used by mobile devices.

DataFlo Custom Module Solutions

Our custom DataFlo modules provide new capabilities for your DataFlo application. All of our DataFlo development is done according to strict programming standards ensuring your next DataFlo upgrade will be as easy as possible.
  • Accounts Receivable Flex Terms - Supports extended Terms of Payment, PROX dating, multiple payments, and flexible printing of payment terms on sales orders and invoices.
  • Barcode and Label Printing - Design and print virtually any label (including barcodes) using information in DataFlo. Product labeling subsystem automatically prints labels when a specific stock transaction occurs.
  • Credit Card Module - Integrated, real-time credit card processing for your Sales Order and Account Receivable modules will enable quick and easy payment of invoices via seamless integration with CyberSource for fast, reliable, and secure electronic card processing.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Security Suite - Implement better software change control, security auditing, and tighter system access with: Software Change Controls, Secure TCL Environment, Security and Process Access Auditing, and System Access Reports.

DataFlo Professional Services

Kore has also developed a complete array of professional services to assist you with anything related to DataFlo. With in-depth knowledge of every integrated module within the DataFlo system, no other company can provide better service or support for the DataFlo community than Kore.
  • Professional Services - Our extensive experience with DataFlo means we can help you with just about anything related to DataFlo or its technology stack.
  • DataFlo Upgrades - Install and upgrade new DataFlo releases, Preview, Operating System, and UniData/UniVerse. Kore is the upgrade expert with the most experience.
  • Custom Solutions / Enhancements - We can create new DataFlo modules or customize any baseline module to meet your exact specifications. From simple screen and report changes to complex modifications, no project is too big or too small.
  • Integration - Extend the value of DataFlo via integration with best-in-class enterprise applications, corporate data warehouses, and even desktop software.
  • Business Intelligence - Leverage your data using powerful Microsoft SQL Server-based data Warehouse and business intelligence systems.
  • Training - On site or remote training and consultation for any DataFlo module, including Preview 4GL.
  • UNIX Services and Hardware - UNIX O/S upgrades, services and support, plus gently used hardware sales.
  • Network Security - Remote setup, administration and monitoring plus Web site security auditing.

DataFlo Utilities

In addition to our enterprise integration and eCommerce Web solutions, Kore offers several excellent U2 tools and utilities that will improve the efficiency of your DataFlo system.
  • Data Sampler - Move, copy, or sample all or part of your data between accounts on an UniData/UniVerse database. Indispensable tool for setting up new accounts.
  • File Resize Utility - Quickly and easily optimize the performance of your UniData or UniVerse database.
  • Messenger - Event-based, template-driven email utility improves communication and workflow.

Enterprise integration. eCommerce Web solutions. Customized DataFlo software solutions. Products that extend the functionality and life of your DataFlo application using the latest technology available today. Contact Kore Technologies and let us know how we can serve you!
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